Technology is the backbone of modern times. Its rapid transformation is in unity with the growth of not just any one organization, but also the world as a whole. With its dynamic center, technology brings with it a dire need for people who are well equipped in not just handling, but also using it to meet greater and ever-changing demands.The pressure of accelerating the recruitment process is faced by all organizations which are willing to utilize that time in their primary goal-oriented procedures.

Zibal Incorporation comes to the rescue here by helping organizations acquire the best IT talent available among a pool of candidates from a wide range of industries. Able to handle all that is offered to them, our specialized IT personnel are highly capable of ensuring riches and fortune to an organization and diligently working towards the sound technological working of it.

Our Quality management process

Technical Screening

To determine the technical abilities of a candidate, a formal-informal screening has to be done in a conversational and non-confrontational tone. This leads one to access the authenticity of the qualifications and the actual intelligence of the candidate. Zibal Incorporation considers this step as very crucial as it brings the candidate’s real-time knowledge at the forefront. The process also takes into consideration the requirements of the said job position and juxtaposes it with the recruit’s individual technical knowledge and skills. This validation is successful because of our professional leaders who are experienced IT enthusiasts and have expertise in all segments of the technological world. Their experience makes our process more effective and authentic.

Document and Visa Validation

Apart from the recruitment of the necessary professionals, another area that we carefully scrutinize is that of validating the authenticity of all the documents including the visa of the consultant that we deem best for your organization. This is done strictly by following the United States obligatory law and no loose end is left without finding the cause and solution around it. We are an honest organization and we maintain honesty in our recruitment process also. This establishes us among one of the most trusted technology staffing organizations.

Counterfeiting the resumee

As there are several instances involving the counterfeiting of the resumes by candidates, we make sure that the candidate whom we choose is far from these allegations. This is done by closely scrutinizing every element of a candidate’s resume and then asking relevant questions about the same. This process of careful examination will bring out certain nuances that will point towards the counterfeited sections and thereby inform our experts of the valid skills, achievements, and qualifications. It is very important to engage in this discussion with every IT personnel in order to authenticate each claim.

Targeted TAT by a client-specific team of recruiters

To serve each client in the best possible manner, each team at Zibal Incorporation is devoted to a single client only. Our pool of professionals makes unbiased divisions of their responsibility to focus on the needs of a particular client. This not only makes the recruitment process more transparent, goal centric, and efficient, it also helps us achieve the targeted TAT which is very crucial to maintain in a recruitment process as it cuts down the business expense significantly and thereby increases the cost-effectiveness of an organization. Therefore, giving a personalized experience to our clients is our first and foremost target before beginning with any recruitment procedure.

Our holistic staffing services offerings:

Contract Staffing

Now your demand for technology will immediately be adhered to with our reputable Contract Staffing solution which will deliver all your technical personnel requirements satisfactorily. We have highly skilled and eligible candidates to add on to your workforce after our staffing arrangement, which will be the best you will get in all of America on a contractual basis. Available as both a long term and a short-term solution, Contract Staffing is the best choice for project-based business requirements.

Permanent Staffing

To fulfil the long-term technical staffing requirements of your organization we have selected some highly serious talented workforce that is ready to be a part of your organization's shared goals and technical procedures. If you want the right people, with the right skills and qualifications to add on to the value of your venture, then Zibal Incorporation is ready to help you acquire them. With our wide-scale corporate network and technical connections, the viability of providing good expert consultants increases manifold. Keeping in mind the permanent requirement, we majorly select those candidates for your venture who have a constant presence on various social media platforms which will be beneficial for your business in the long term.

Contingent Workforce

If your organization is in need of a pool of IT professionals on an on-demand basis, then you have come to the right place. At Zibal Incorporation you will get the best workforce for your technical skill requirements on a contractual project basis. No matter the size or type of organization, there is always a need for a contingent workforce to help with a certain degree and type of work. For technical staffing solutions, we are the providers of best Contingent based recruits for you.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

If an organization wishes to reduce its cost of hire, increase the efficiency of the recruitment process, lessen the burden of going through a pool of candidates and other such factors, then the best option for them is to outsource their recruitment process. At Zibal Incorporation you will get the best quality recruitment procedure and results which are focused on providing your valuable organized venture with the right technical consultants.